Feb 12, 2021 • 28M

XO Soused Special - Chinese New Year

Andrew Wong and Mukta Das
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A fortnightly chat about techniques and dishes from a professional Chinese kitchen, their history and their cultural setting
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Chinese New Year is here! How do people in the Chinese restaurant sector celebrate Chinese New Year? Just how many red envelopes do you have to give out once you’re married and own a business? What kind of dishes are eaten for the special Chinese New Year eve dinner, and what’s the secret to getting a crispy coating on your sweet sticky rice cake?

A very crowded night market in Guangzhou, lit by hanging Chinese red lanterns and electric lighting strung across the market stalls
Late night crowds at a food and flower market on Chinese New Year Eve in 2016. No countdown at midnight, but a lot of revelry and laughter as soon as dusk fell.

A man in front of a rice cake stall pounding rice cakes by hand with a large red mallet.
You can’t beat a rice cake [or 年/黏糕] for its new year luck-giving properties or for its taste and texture. This ‘authentic North Korean’ version’ at the Guangzhou CNY night market - ready to steam at home - is flatter and rounder than the cylindrical rice cakes you get with your Korean fried chicken, or served in a gochujang sauce

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